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1. What is a flexible office or coworking space ?

A flexible workspace offers a modular and à la carte work environment for all company profiles. It is a very short-term engagement. In a same workspace you will find private offices or a fully equipped open space, a coworking space, meeting rooms, reception desk with services, a café central, convivial and creativity spaces, private bubbles, reprography spaces.....It’s an all-in-one, all inclusive ! All workspaces are accessible and modular to answer all possible needs during one’s workday. It is also the ideal solution to meet other entrepreneurs and develop your business network. In fact, common workspaces are shared and convivial and many events are being organized all year long. Discover Multiburo workspaces.

2. What are the advantages of a flexible office rental?

Opt for a flexible office to rent or a coworking space, an excellent alternative to a classic property long-term contract. Flexible office spaces offer the possibility to modulate a private office with an open space, a coworking or a meeting room the way we want it with a maximum of 3-month engagement. It offers high flexibility in duration and in space management, with the possibility to choose the number of desks needed. It is a convenient and economical solution which adapts to all collaborators organization: full-time, half-time, mix office/telework. Discover all the advantages of a flexible office in our guide

3. Which company profiles can rent a flexible office ?

Flexible office rental is a solution adapted to all types of companies, whatever their size, profile, organization and needs. As a primary property solution or as a complement to a fixed and permanent office, there are multiple possible uses. You can rent an office for a day, occasionally during a business travel, for an appointment, an interview or a coaching session, take an unlimited coworking subscription for just a few days per month as an alternative to home office, or install a company, a project team, develop your society on a new market without having to engage on a long-term contract. Independents, freelancer, company creators, startups, SMEs, large companies,… All company profiles can have the need to rent flexible offices. Discover all possible uses and Multiburo client testimonies.

4. Is a flexible office rental more expensive than a traditional lease?

Flexible office rental offers many financial advantages, and an office space can adapt to the organization or company’s needs. If you need to hire new people, we can add more desks or we can offer larger offices. If, on the contrary, your activity diminishes, we will reduce the surface and the number of desks needed. So, it offers the possibility to optimize your sqm: you adapt the number of desks needed in real time and optimize your budget. Flexible office rental is also an economical solution as you don’t have to manage additional activities: the flexible offices and coworking company manages the rent, insurances, electricity and water, internet, phone, maintenance and cleaning of offices and common spaces. No need to manage the property anymore, as well as its responsibilities and inherent risks.

5. How long am I engaged with a flexible office contract?

Flexible office rental can be done with or without engagement. You have the possibility to rent an office for a day, à la carte, or to opt for a determinate duration if your need is temporary and time constraint (works, during office construction, just for a project, flexible office test….) or without any duration engagement. Your contract has a 3-month notice period. You also can choose a formula that best suits your needs. Discover our formulas.

6. Where can I rent a flexible office?

Our flexible office spaces and coworkings are located in France, Belgium and Switzerland. 23 quality addresses are at your disposal ideally located in the heart of great cities, business areas and TGV stations so you can work wherever you want even during business travel. Our flexible offices are available in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Antwerp and Wavre. As a Multiburo client, you will have unlimited access to the entire network. Discover all Multiburo’s addresses.

7. How can I find a flexible office to rent ?

The best way to find a flexible office is to go to in the “addresses” section and have a look at Multiburo network’s 23 addresses. You will just need to find the city and address that best suits you and contact us to obtain more information or program a visit by phone (France : +33 (0)1 72 92 06 60 | Belgium: +32 (0)2 403 11 09 | Switzerland : +41 (0) 22 561 84 84), by email ( or by completing the information request, visit or test forms on the address’s page of your choice. Our onsite teams are at your disposal from Monday til Friday 8h30 until 6pm. It is always a pleasure to welcome you in Multiburo’s network.

8. What are the available surfaces for offices to rent?

We offer flexible, modular surfaces and arrangements. All our offices are equipped with removable partitions so to adapt workspaces and desks to each need. All our flexible workspaces offer private solo office or multiple desks, open spaces and private office surfaces with or without private meeting room, with or without kitchen and cafeteria. Configurations and arrangements are customizable depending on the company’s and collaborator’s needs. Flexible office rental also includes free access to common spaces: café central, coworking spot, creativity spaces, private bubbles, reception spaces.

9. When can I access my office in a flexible workspace?

Your office is accessible 24h/7days with your access badge. The workspaces are protected with an alarm and a video surveillance system. The access is only accessible to people with an access badge or a secured code. So, you will have the possibility to use your office at the hours you want, including evenings and weekends, if you need it. Teams onsite are present at the reception desk from 8h30 until 6pm to welcome, inform and accompany you in the use of flexible workspaces.

10. What is the price for a flexible office?

Office rental solution prices can vary depending on the address, the surface, the number of desks, arrangement, use type, equipment and material needed as well as additional services delivered on site if requested. Our prices are tailor-made according to the needs of each company and its work organization. Our flexible offices are available for day rental, without engagement formula or for a determined duration contract, whether you wish full-time or half-time. In order to obtain a precise quotation, we invite you to reach out to the team of the Multiburo workspace of your choice, they will be able to bring you advice on the best possible formula depending on your needs and organization. To discover Multiburo workspaces addresses, it’s over here !

11. Is it possible to rent an office for a day?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to rent an office for a day, if you need to work in a calm setting, concentrate to organize a business appointment, an interview or a coaching session for instance. We offer day office rental in each of our 23 addresses in France, Belgium and Switzerland. You also have the possibility to rent a flexible office for an indeterminate duration. So, you will just need to stay the time you wish. Otherwise, you can opt for a determined time contract to use temporary offices. All our solutions are flexible. Discover them, by clicking here.

12. Are flexible offices equipped?

All our offices are entirely equipped, operational in 24h and turnkey: office desks from 120cm to 140cm, individual storage with keys, high or low cupboards depending on your needs, ergonomic office seats, phone, excellent Wifi connexion, power strip.... Additional equipment and materials are also available on demand. To discover more, ask our onsite team in the Multiburo address of your choice. You need to install a specific material or equipment? Customize your flexible office with your company colors? Our Multiburo onsite teams are here to listen to you and help you achieve your project.

13. How long is a flexible office rental notice period?

If you opt for a contract without any engagement duration, the notice period is 3 months. Than, you will need to notify 3 month prior to your departure through a recommandation mail. If you rent an office for a day, it will be à la carte use. You won't be engaged and wont have any notice period to do. Then, if your contract is concluded for a determined duration (for instance 6 months, 12 months, 18 months...) then, you won't have any notice period to do, because the end date will be indicated on the contract. You have the possibility to change formula if necessary, during the contract period. You will just need to get in contact with the onsite Multiburo team. Find your ideal address here. 

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