[WHITE PAPER] Welcome to the ideal office ! 2021 fundamentals, news and perspectives

Multiburo and BureauxLocaux uncover 2021 ideal office. Discover suprising results of our exclusive investigations and create YOUR ideal office.

  • 12/01/2021
[WHITE PAPER] Welcome to the ideal office ! 2021 fundamentals, news and perspectives  - Multiburo

Discover 2021's ideal office fundamentals and results of our investigations in collaboration with BureauxLocaux !

Today, no need to come to the office every day. Workspace use has much evolved in just a year! One thing remains for sure : private offices still have long years to live.

In a world faced with strong work mutations, what are users' real expectations ? Why do we still prefer working in a private office (or a coworking space) when it is possible to work from home ? What makes the office such a comfy place ?

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Multiburo and BureauxLocaux have surveyed 350 professionnels that are actively seeking for an office solution.

Supported by a team of experts, they aimed at having a better understanding of 2021's ideal office. 

With Stéphanie Auxenfans (Multiburo) and Sophie Desmazières (BureauxLocaux),
Olivier Saguez (Saguez and Partners), Alain d'Iribarne (Observatoire Actineo)
and Jean-Christophe Beau (My Mental Energy).
Together they analyse the survey's results in order to define 2021 ideal office's DNA.

In this white paper you will find :

  • Exclusive results of our investigations
  • 2021 ideal office's DNA
  • Interviews and Experts' advices
  • Infographics and key figures
  • Some ideas to create YOUR ideal office

Welcome to the ideal office!

 Discover 2021 office DNA

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New workspaces, events, partnerships, benefits and animations….discover all Multiburo's network news.

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[WHITE PAPER] Welcome to the ideal office ! 2021 fundamentals, news and perspectives  - Multiburo Switzerland
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