Setting up in Switzerland: what are the right reflexes to adopt before setting up your business in Switzerland?

When an entrepreneur wants to set up in Switzerland, many administrative steps are necessary. Karpeo is a privileged partner for entrepreneurs looking for tailor-made support and dedicated accounting services for their business. Specialised in assisting companies at every stage of their development, Karpeo offers personalised support on a daily basis to face all the challenges linked to the management of one's business.

  • 20/02/2023
Setting up in Switzerland: what are the right reflexes to adopt before setting up your business in Switzerland? - Multiburo

the right reflexes to adopt before setting up a business in Switzerland

Interview with Romain Prieur, Partner at KARPEO

Multicultural, multilingual and internationally oriented, dynamic Geneva could be an excellent location for your company. Indeed, it offers many advantages and opportunities for young companies. Discover the interview of Romain PRIEUR, partner in accounting at KARPEO, who gives us some advice on how to make the right decisions in your business creation project.

What are the different legal statuses that exist in Switzerland?

There are several legal statutes for an entrepreneur in Switzerland. The most common are: the sole proprietorship, chosen by the majority of entrepreneurs who start their own business, which is the equivalent of the auto-entrepreneur status in France; the SARL, which corresponds to a limited company with a minimum capital of CHF 20,000.

There are also other options, notably the société anonyme (SA) with a starting capital of CHF 100,000. This legal status is generally less used when starting a business.

When starting a business in Switzerland, what are the specificities to know? What are the major steps for an entrepreneur in Switzerland?

When you set up a company in Switzerland, the specificities depend on the legal status you choose for your company.
If you choose a sole proprietorship, you must demonstrate that you are effectively self-employed. You will then have to fill in a file with an AVS compensation fund. This file must prove that you already have several clients and that you incur expenses related to your activity. You must also demonstrate that you are really self-employed and not an employee.

To find out more, we advise you to read this article on self-employment in Switzerland.

If you choose to set up a limited liability company (SARL), the process is simpler: you must deposit CHF 20,000 of capital in a deposit account and then go before a notary. Once the various documents have been signed, your company will be officially registered with the Commercial Register.

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What support is there for entrepreneurs in Switzerland?

There is relatively little support for entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Some cantons offer support to entrepreneurs through different associations. In Geneva, for example, there is the Fondetec, which supports entrepreneurs by enabling them to obtain loans during their start-up phase.

There are also incubators as well as entrepreneurial However, these do not provide funds to the company.

Can you live in France and set up a business in Switzerland?

A french resident can create a company in Switzerland. There are two options for doing so:

  • If a French resident sets up a sole proprietorship, his business activity must bedomiciled in Switzerland, in Geneva for example.
  • If a French resident decides to create a SARL in Switzerland, his company will, again, have to have an address in Switzerland but it will also have to be represented by a manager living in Switzerland. Without a representative living in Switzerland, a French president cannot create a SARL on Swiss territory.

As a French resident, why is it advantageous to set up a business in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, several advantages, notably fiscal and monetary, are available to French residents.

The tax rate on company profits is 14% in the Canton of Geneva, for example, which is lower than in France. In addition, the rate of social charges on salaries is also lower, on average between 20% and 30% of a gross salary.

Furthermore, Switzerland is a stable country with a strong currency. Doing business in Switzerland allows you to benefit from these advantages while having the possibility of developing throughout Europe thanks to its privileged geographical location between France, Germany, Italy and Austria.

And what would be the possible obstacles to a move to Switzerland?

The need to have a manager living in Switzerland to represent the company is the main obstacle to setting up a company in Switzerland for a French resident. It is also necessary to obtain a work permit, which requires additional and sometimes lengthy administrative procedures.

However, once these two elements have been resolved, setting up a company is relatively simple. I advise you to use online platforms such as

What are the advantages of your partnership with Multiburo for an entrepreneur in Switzerland?

The partnership between Karpeo and Multiburo allows entrepreneurs wishing to set up in Switzerland to benefit from beautiful workspaces, as well as advice and support throughout the process of creating and developing their business.

With Multiburo, our clients benefit from a centre adapted to their activity: company domiciliation, mail reception, meeting room rental and the possibility of having private or shared offices. Working with Multiburo means that we can offer our clients a quality domiciliation service, offices adapted to modern entrepreneurs and a key location in the heart of a dynamic area of Geneva, close to the Mont Blanc Bridge and Cornavin station.

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Setting up in Switzerland: what are the right reflexes to adopt before setting up your business in Switzerland? - Multiburo Switzerland
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