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05 Jun 2020

Videoconferencing is convenient... But seeing each other in person is better!

Videoconferencing solutions have had their heyday during confinement. Already widely used by companies that operate in networks with geographically dispersed teams, they have imposed themselves in the daily lives of a large number of workers, allowing them to maintain a link with the company and their colleagues.

If these solutions are to become firmly established in the new way of working, it is vital for companies and their employees to resume face-to-face meetings to recreate a dynamic of recovery and social links between colleagues. It is a very good collaborative tool but as social individuals, we need to see each other regularly to stay connected, exchange, share and socialize. 

So videoconferencing is good, but it doesn't replace the efficiency of a physical meeting in the long term.

location bureau paris 8 et salle reunion saint lazare  

Redesigned and remote spaces for meetings in complete safety! 

We are ready! We have made every effort to be able to welcome our clients for their meetings or training sessions in complete safety.

Our meeting spaces have been refurbished, one place out of two has been condemned, we apply reinforced cleaning and disinfection and we ensure the necessary social distancing and respect for barrier gestures by following the recommendations of the health authorities.

We welcome you for your meetings, business appointments, interviews... in complete safety!

salle de reunion lumineuse paris 8 montaigne


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Training sessions | Did you know that? It is once again possible to train face-to-face! 

Did you take advantage of this period of respite to train in e-learning? It's practical, but some trainings are more effective in a face-to-face session with a trainer present to guide you and answer your questions.

Whatever your situation, it's possible today. And the courses are not limited to 10 people.

Think about Multiburo meeting spaces for your training courses!


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