Multiburo has a partnership with CIC to assist their business clients.

24 Aug 2018


Multiburo wanted to work with a trustworthy partner, such as CIC, to facilitate the process of opening a business account and the administration of bank transactions for start-ups or companies.

At the moment this service is only available in Paris, but soon in all of France.


Thanks to the collaboration with CIC, Multiburo offers a complete bank related services to her customers. Not only a privileged welcome in the Parisian offices of CIC, but also two preferential offers to benefit in al serenity.



For all subscriptions on the Global Professional Contract (business account with important commissions, bank card, home banking, payment assurances) or on theEssential Liberal Forfait (business account, bank card, home banking, payment assurances), the clients of Multiburo are offered 3 MONTHS FOR FREE!


The collaboration with CIC also provides professional advice and conferences in all the centers of Multiburo in Paris, again to offer serenity and flexibility to all of the clients attending.