Our customers have talent! xTag win the President of the Republic Awards at the Lépine Competition

03 Jul 2019

Our customers have talent! xTag win the President of the Republic Awards at the Lépine Competition


Discover the interview of Laurent Tonnelier, expert in connected packaging and founder of mobiLead and serviceTags, whose offices are set up at Multiburo Saint-Lazare Station.


On May 7, he won the 1st prize in the inventors' Lépine competition with his xTag solution: an invention that manages users' allergen profiles.


Can you present the project that allowed you to win the President of the Republic Award at the Lépine competition?


« Applied to the management of food allergies and intolerances, the xTag invention makes it possible to compare an individual’s allergic profile (stored in a personal NFC and QR Code card) with the one of a consumer food product (printed in a QR Code on the package).

The individual obtains legible, personalized information, without ever sharing his personal health profile that he keeps confidential. »


What does such a distinction mean for you and your company?


« The Lépine International Paris Competition is an inventors' competition that has been in existence since 1901. For its 118th edition, I received two distinctions: the Gold Medal of the French Society of Medicine and the 1st Prize, the most prestigious, the one of the President of the Republic.


For the mobiLead company, it is the recognition of its Patents of Invention. Ignored by some, whose job would be to develop patents in France, these inventions now receive the recognition of the jury, doctors and patients. For me, it’s the personal satisfaction of joining the prestigious community of inventors—the inventor of the ballpoint pen, the steam iron, or the contact lenses… »


How do you see the future? What are your plans?


« The work of mobiLead is at the origin of the Digital Link: it is similar to a QR Code containing, from the code, the product identifier, its variant, its batch number, its serial number, its expiry date, etc. It is at the convergence of different business lines: logistics (for traceability), sales (for checkout), and marketing (for the interactive with the consumer).


The invention xTag is fully in line with this new global standard by offering optimal management of allergens, for the benefit of patients, for the benefit of brands.


mobiLead and serviceTag are now working towards authenticity and data verification, commercial development in China and the forthcoming opening of a training center in Paris, in the Multiburo Saint-Lazare Station workspaces. »


Discover the xTag invention in video!


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