Long live face-to-face! Physical meetings are not yet buried

09 Oct 2020

Did you know? 1 out of 3 workers say that a well-prepared face-to-face meeting is more effective than several remote meetings!

Videoconferencing has been enjoying its heyday for several years now and is experiencing tremendous growth this year with the confinement and advent of teleworking. The format is short, with a limited number of participants and very precise objectives. In theory...

While the format is popular, the frequency and duration of remote meetings tend to be much more important than face-to-face meetings. According to a survey conducted by Mailoop in April 2020, 66% of respondents say they spend more time in videoconferencing than they did in physical meetings before confinement and 25% say that these remote meetings often overflow.

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Distancing also reveals problems of attention, participation and involvement. We have all already experienced one of those meetings where someone has turned off their camera to do something else, or a meeting where it is difficult to get the participants to speak or interact. And for some people, being heard and understood, passing on messages or interpreting the emotions of the interlocutors can be difficult.


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Face-to-face, even occasional, is essential!

Whether you are in the office or teleworking, you will always need to get together to progress on projects, to share and develop team cohesion or to negotiate a contract, a partnership or to meet a customer or a supplier, face-to-face meetings are essential!

Despite the organisation of videoconferences, 35% of the surveyed teleworkers questioned the meaning of their work, 28% felt overworked and 20% more isolated.

Meeting face-to-face at least occasionally is therefore essential to give meaning to one's work, to stay connected to the company and to share, exchange and create links with colleagues.


Flexible solutions to gather teleworkers easily

Take a break from the home office and settle into flexible workspaces to host a meeting or telework for a day!

Because yes, teleworking does not necessarily rhyme with home office. Take advantage of a professional workspace close to your home, easily accessible by transport, to meet once a month, once a week, or more...

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