Customized services for positive work experience

18 Apr 2019

At Multiburo, we are doing much more than just providing flexible workspaces. We provide a service of excellence every day to create a positive and productive work experience.


Our teams are committed to giving everyone personal, respectful, sincere and natural attention. They are trained and mobilized to find the solution to each of our clients' questions, welcome their visitors, receive  their calls, guide them to good plans in the neighbourhood, or perform concierge services, for example.


Breaks, catering, IT services, mail, parcel management, telephone lines, supply of equipment or assistance and support in everyday tasks, Multiburo teams ensure your comfort and facilitate your professional life.


And that’s not all!

Multiburo partners with experts to offer you a range of complementary services to help you create and develop your business.


Audit and advice, business start-up assistance, legal assistance, financing consulting, accounting expertise, car rental, welfare, payment solutions, etc.


Discover all the partners offers