Conference Multiburo in Brussels on the 27th of March : Happiness starts on your plate

13 mars 2018

Free conference in Brussels EU District: Happiness starts on your plate

In the modern world, where we live at 100milesper hour, we have the intention to neglect our nutrition. However, our nutrition is the most important fuel for our body. But what if we reverse this intention?

Myriam, a nutrition coach, will explain why healthy, natural and vegetable nourishment is important for the physical and mental well-being. In fact, a body that has no shortcomings works perfectly. Moreover, the serotonin, the hormone for happiness, is controlled by a healthy intestine.

Making the right choices to compose our daily meals is not unimportant: from this our vitality, our physical and mental well-being, our trust, our relations with others and nature are formed.

Myriam is convinced that happiness starts on your plate and that little adjustments can lead to a vicious circle. We can learn how to make habits on a long-term and how to gain vitality and well-being.

-          Listen to our wishes, eat according to our hunger, without frustration

-          Recognize our contented feelings

-          Not to eat less, but to eat better, by deconstructing, by needs, by stereotypes

Find a routine that combines pleasure and health and that fits you.

She proposes advice and support to all the people who want to manage a better and more natural nutrition for their health and well-being. Myriam Kamouh offers workshops in the business world to teach the employees to understand the principals of nutrition, to buy better, to cook, to organize and… to eat!


Contact: Myriam Kamouh
Green coach