The end of standart leases: benefit of new flexible and private workspaces.


Are you looking for your next office? Are you tired of the constraints of standard leases?

Are you bringing together a project team?

Our private office area solutions (between 100 and 600 m2) give you real management freedom. And, as an added bonus, privacy and discretion for your business.





Why you'll prefer Multiburo


High-quality professional locations

Your offices will be situated in comfortable and well-lit buildings, located in business districts accessible by public transport.


You can organise the space according to your wishes, needs and the size of your teams. Even the size of the space isn’t set: you can increase it on demand.

A flexible contract

You are only bound to Multiburo’s solutions for 6 months. That’s the duration of the notice period, which you can start at any time.

Support from professional teams

With 30 years of experience, your business’s confidentiality is ensured by the professionalism of the Multiburo teams.

Simplified building management

Costs are optimised in a clear and detailed manner. You only have one contact person for all of your needs and only one bill for all of the services (maintenance, security, IT, reception, etc.).

Swift installation

We take care of everything. You don’t have to search for suppliers or follow up on work.





  • Your private area can be personalised.You create a workspace that fits you. You can benefit from our advice on space planning, layout and furnishing, or you can follow up on the work yourself, if you prefer.


  • On-demand meeting rooms: one less room you have to pay for on a permanent basis. Rent them only when you need to!


  • Additional services on demand: personalised telephone call management, postal services, IT assistance, etc.


  • A minimum commitment of 1 year, instead of 3 years as a standard lease.