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Training Manager

Tiempo solution: rental of meeting rooms or offices for a half day or more

As your firm’s Training Manager, you are called upon to work with providers of training room rental services.  


The outsourcing of your in-house training courses must provide you with:

  • An environment favourable to learning and satisfactory to your staff.
  • An optimised training budget.
  • Facilitated organisation for those working for you
  • Our meeting centres are easily access by public transport

    All the meeting rooms for rent are located near a train station or a motorway network and are well served by public transport.

    We are located in business districts or town centres, which guarantees a quality environment close to cafés, restaurants and bars.


  • A professional, user-friendly environment

    Each of our business centres has a reception area, with waiting room and wifi.Your instructor and participants will be met by our team and directed to their training room.

    Pleasant, comfortable areas are provided for coffee and tea breaks.


  • Dedicated training areas

    All our training rooms have natural light and are air conditioned. Seating is arranged in the form of a U (or classroom style if you so request) and rooms are equipped with a wall screen for projections, paperboard, a phone line and Internet access points. Bottles of water, notebooks and pens are provided for participants.

    Upon request, we can install, depending on the course content, a projector, a camcorder, a television or computers.


  • Customised services to adapt to your budget

    You organise your training day choosing from a full refreshment offer (Danish pastries, beverages, biscuits, etc.) and a lunch solution (meal trays, restaurant or buffet), bearing in mind your budget and participants’ expectations.


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    A national and international network

    With our business centres in France’s major cities, and our national and international network, we can offer you meeting rooms throughout France and Belgium, and even worldwide.

    You can thus work with just one service provider, which will save you time, whilst ensuring smooth deployments and a homogeneous service in terms of quality and services.


  • A team on the spot to help you with logistics

    Our teams are all trained in hosting training courses.They know your needs and will be able to help you organise your courses:receiving or preparing documentation, installing teaching aids, helping your employees find their way around, reserving your lunches, taxis, etc.  


  • Just one contact for all your bookings

    To save you time when booking training rooms and monitoring timetables, we offer you just one contact for all your training courses in France and Belgium.