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Mobile Worker – Independent Worker - Consultant

Opt for coworking & shared offices


As a mobile or independent worker (consultant, commercial developers or, more generally, any trade requiring business trips), you need work spaces as close as possible to your customers or where you stop-over.




Affordable and flexible rental of shared offices from € 10/hour or € 270 per month.

2 types of shared work spaces:

  • Shared office: available in all Multiburo business centres.A quality work area, shared with no more than 10 people.An equipped and efficient space.Access without prior booking


  • The SPOT :launched in 2013, this new, modern designer urban place offers the possibility of Le Spot Multiburo à La Défenseworking in a space with different configurations.In the same work space, you have access to lounge areas, meeting rooms, private offices, benches, couches, acoustic armchairs, etc. SPOT multi-offices target all profile types, from entrepreneurs setting up their own businesses through to teleworkers of multinational companies. From € 10/hour.


The real estate solutions proposed by Multiburo stem from our values of assistance, freedom, collaboration and transparency, and make businesses even more agile.