Multiburo launches Smart Working formulas

15 Jun 2020

After months of lockdown, office uses and work patterns are changing. Today, companies need flexibility and no longer want to engage in traditional leases. Workers no longer need to commute to the office every day.

We are thus witnessing a new hybrid organisation of work based on a mix between teleworking and private office or remote coworking. These new solutions, flexible and without commitment, become alternatives to working from home and allow to find a professional framework and a link with the company.


As a player in these changes, Multiburo adapts to the new ways of working that emerge at the end of lockdown.

To enable companies to resume their activities in complete security, Multiburo is launching Smart Working formulas: a range of flexible offers for private offices and personalised services, in line with remote working and "everything digital", and of course, post-lockdown barrier measures.


 Discover our Smart Working formulas


  • The 4 Days Pass: a package of 4 private office days per month that you can use whenever you want on the entire Multiburo network. A noncommitment solution that is monthly renewable to give you the flexibility you need for a smooth recovery.

    >> Discover the 4 Days Pass
  • The Transit Office: a dedicated private office 2 days a week to mix an office space and teleworking in complete security in one of the 26 Multiburo spaces in France, Belgium and Switzerland. A no obligation solution that you can renew each month to organise your working week as you wish.

    >> Discover the Transit Office
  • The Short-Term Contract: a private offices and open spaces solution with a duration of your choice and without prior notice that adapts to your needs: you choose the duration, the space and the number of users. As an alternative to a traditional lease, this solution meets the flexibility needs of companies that no longer wish to make a long-term commitment in an uncertain economic climate.

    >> Discover the Short-Term Contract


What about you? Do you consider more flexibility at work?

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