Brussels Coworking bonus: when coworking makes earn money!

04 Oct 2019

The Brussels Regional Public Service now offers a bonus of up to €450 to entrepreneurs and start-ups under the age of 3 who opt for a coworking space approved by Brussels Economy and Employment.


On the website, the Region addresses directly to entrepreneurs: “You have a business project or your business is less than three years old? Would you like to have a professional and equipped workspace? Get a maximum bonus of 450 € on your subscription in a coworking space approved by the Region!”


And good news for you!

Multiburo coworking spaces are approved!


How to benefit from this bonus?


1 | Come and experience our approved coworking space for free.

2 | If you are satisfied, opt for a subscription of 2 months minimum.

3 | Make your request with a few clicks at and Dutch).


Multiburo coworking spaces approved by the region of Brussels:


Multiburo Bruxelles Tour Sablon

Rue Joseph Stevens 7, B-1000 Bruxelles

+32(0)2 893 21 11



Discover the coworking

Multiburo Bruxelles Parlement EU

Square de Meeûs 38/40, B1000 Bruxelles

 +32(0)2 401 68 11



Discover the coworking