[Partnership] Multiburo and Womanly promote female entrepreneurship in Wallonia

The Multiburo and Womanly coworking spaces are forming a partnership to encourage female entrepreneurship in Brabant-Wallon and create a new entrepreneurial hub in Wallonia.

  • 17/05/2023
  • [Partnership] Multiburo and Womanly promote female entrepreneurship in Wallonia - Multiburo Belgium
[Partnership] Multiburo and Womanly promote female entrepreneurship in Wallonia - Multiburo

A great collaboration between multiburo and womanly

Promoting female entrepreneurship in Wallonia

Multiburo, a major player in coworking and flexible real estate in Europe, has set up office and coworking spaces in the Wavre Nord industrial estate. These spaces offer a professional working environment in the heart of Walloon Brabant. They are part of a high-tech office complex that is home to many Belgian and international companies. A business park offering numerous business opportunities to develop your company and your activities.

It was a natural step for Multiburo Wavre Nord to join forces with Womanly. Womanly is a coworking space dedicated to female entrepreneurship which, after 3 years in existence, has become a real community and networking space for women entrepreneurs.

Multiburo Wavre Nord and Womanly are becoming partners with the aim of creating real synergy between their two networks.

Womanly's aim is to fulfil its mission of providing entrepreneurs with the local support that is currently lacking in the Brabant-Walloon region.
which is currently lacking in the Brabant-Wallon region.

Monthly networking lunches

Expand your network and create new business opportunities!

From 8 juin, Multiburo will be hosting, Womanly networking lunches at its offices in WavreThese are the perfect opportunity for women entrepreneurs to meet and network over a lovely lunch.

The meetings will take place once a month, and will enable participants to take the time to discuss their business and that of others, thus creating professional opportunities.

What are the objectives of this collaboration?

  • To give women entrepreneurs easier access to coworking spaces, which enable them to optimize their time management to avoid stress and burnout linked to the overload of tasks to be carried out by their different roles. Joining a coworking space helps to balance professional and personal life.
  • To enable women entrepreneurs to join a community of peers who, thanks to a collective intelligence dynamic, exchange, help each other, co-create, share their experience and expertise for an upward dynamic.

networking lunch PROGRAMME - 13 July 2023:

  • 12:00 – We welcome you
  • 12:15 – Round-tables discussion
  • 13:15 – Lunch & Networking
  • 14:00 – End

Lunch is always a great opportunity to share skills. Multiburo and Womanly

invites you to register 👇

Register now! 

🎁 Gifts

Womanly members have access for €55/month:

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[Partnership] Multiburo and Womanly promote female entrepreneurship in Wallonia - Multiburo Switzerland
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