Put an end to mental overload with the Mental Energy Pro app!

03 Sep 2018


My Mental Energy Pro is a fast-growing start-up which helps employees prevent mental overload and increases concentration via the thoughtful use of a digital service to enhance the mind’s ecology.


Interview with Jean-Christophe Beau, the inspired founder.


Mental Energy Pro’s concept of mental ecology makes it a pioneer in the field of well-being at work. What links do you see with the quality of life at work?

Our project is the result of the increasing digital flows in companies which permanently expose individuals to permanent overload. People have never before been confronted with such an intense flow of information. Which is why disconnecting is so important for the mind. We’ve integrated the expertise of Gael Allain, Doctor in cognitive psychology, alertness specialist, and researcher associated with the GEM, Grenoble Ecole de Management (Grenoble School of Management), under the chair for Talents of Digital Transformation., as the lead on these issues. Studies have been carried out on the impact of digital transformation and on the qualities and skills employees and managers must develop to adapt to a rapidly changing and informed world.


This is a major challenge, because if we don’t disseminate the best practices for effectiveness and to protect ourselves in the digital world, the epidemic of mental overload and exhaustion, in all of its forms (burnout/boreout/brownout) awaits us. The consequences are harmful for both employees and company performance.


The connection between well-being and the quality of life at work is obvious. It’s essential to associate quality of mental life at work with an environment in which everyone can feel and be effective and combine concentration with cooperation. One of the main aspects of quality of work is the ability to do good work! The feeling of self-sufficiency is a key component of quality of life at work. This is an evolution of health-safety-quality of life at work, a concept of the healthy workplace which protects the intellectual and mental resources of employees to reconcile well-being and productivity. The arrival of mindfulness in the most progressive companies in these areas is testimony to this.


You’re proposing innovative tools to improve the effectiveness and well-being of the mind at work. Could you tell us more about this?

First of all, awareness-raising is required to help the mind learn how to handle the information flow. It’s important to teach the fundamentals to as many people as possible. For example, the mind is not able to multitask at all. Constantly moving from one activity to another involves an extra cost of 30% to 50% in time and energy to carry out the same task. The mind needs several seconds to refocus on the first task after an interruption. This is a significant source of exhaustion, which is common in open-space offices if they are not accompanied by educational measures to better manage the interruptions caused by the physical and digital environment.

Micro-pauses and disconnection are another key challenge. It’s difficult to remain fully concentrated for more than 45 minutes at a time. After that, our resources are cut in half and our lucidity and effectiveness are both impacted. A micro-pause of three minutes of silence is enough to fully regain effectiveness and well-being.


We offer an ‘e-library’ on the web and on the My Mental Energy Pro application which provides a wide range of bilingual audio and video resources including self-diagnostics of work habits, relaxation therapy, anti-stress tips, concentration music and sounds, aids to fall asleep… Companies can buy access for their employees, like Volvo Trucks which provides the service to its employees worldwide. We also provide consulting and training firms with the option to include it in their support offerings.

s micro-pauses et la déconnexion car on peut difficilement rester concentré plus de quarante-cinq minutes. Au-delà, nos ressources tombent de moitié, on perd en lucidité et en efficacité. Une micro-pause de trois minutes en silence suffit pour regagner en efficacité et bien-être.


Nous proposons une ‘e-bibliothèque’ sur le web et sur l’application My Mental Energy Pro, riche de ressources audio et vidéo bilingue : auto-diagnostic de ses habitudes de travail, sophrologie, anti-stress, musique et sons de concentration, aides à l’endormissement… Les entreprises peuvent acheter les accès pour leurs collaborateurs, comme l’a fait Volvo Trucks qui a proposé ce service à ses employés au niveau mondial. Nous proposons aussi aux cabinets de conseil et de formation de l’intégrer dans leurs offres d’accompagnement.