Multiburo supports the ELA association!

01 Nov 2018

Multiburo supports the ELA association!

On Friday the 3th of May, Multiburo Wavre (Belgium) participated at the 10th edition of the inter-company jogging in Wavre organized by the ELA association.
ELA supports the research into leukodystrophy. The purpose of ELA is to help French-speaking and international researchers to better understand the mechanisms and history of the disease. They do this by looking for tools to control the disease. Biomarkers and clinicians also conduct clinical trials to encounter leukodystrophy.

At the moment, more than 497 research projects have been funded for a total of more than 42.6 million euros.

Thanks to this event there was raised more than €5.000 for the benefit of the association.

We would like to thank the participants and volunteers for their dedication.