Bouncing back for a better start, Multiburo Belgium joins forces with ReLOAD and Revival Belgium

05 May 2021

Multiburo has two new partners to support entrepreneurs in Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels.



In Wavre, Multiburo signs a partnership with the non-profit organization ReLOAD to help Walloon entrepreneurs bounce back from bankruptcy.

Founded in 2020, the ReLOAD association brings together a network of volunteers and offers an approach and tools to get out of dead ends and restart a professional activity. Personalized support to stop the negative spiral of bankruptcy, rebuild and get back on track!

Bouncing back for a better start, this is the motto of the ASBL, which reaches out to self-employed people and entrepreneurs in Belgium who are in the grip of bankruptcy or cessation of activities, whatever their profession.

On the agenda: coaching, co-development groups, training and mentoring to bounce back better...and start again!



To get in touch with ReLOAD: ou +32 495 92 44 10

For more information:



In Brussels and Flanders, we are pleased to welcome Revival to our network of Multiburo partners!

Also founded in 2020, Revival is a programme for entrepreneurs in Brussels and Flanders who have had to close their business due to bankruptcy, liquidation or loss-making resale.

Thanks to an innovative approach, this programme, which is entirely free of charge and tailor-made, enables them to bounce back with an individual and collective dynamic.

For 18 to 24 months, the entrepreneur forms a trio with a coach and a mentor.

In two stages, it promises to get them back on their feet after an entrepreneurial failure and to set up a new professional project (whether or not it is entrepreneurial).

Meetings, exchanges, sharing, training and workshops, Revival's support is designed and implemented by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.



To get in touch with Revival: or +32 473 85 97 14

For more information: