The highlights of the Work Happy Week !

25 Oct 2018


Being zen while getting back to work, that is what Multiburo offered you by organizing several workshops, conferences and events between the 17th and 21st of September during this special week of working happily.


This week started with the conference “Understanding and managing ones stress” presented by Clément Fournier, editor of E-RSE.NET. Experts were available to give you tips to bring more well-being at your workplace.



A big thank you to all our speakers for these valuable tips: Coline Debayle |Co-founder  Artips, Stéphanie Chambon |Nutrition coach, founder of the Recette d’équilibre agency and Sébastien Bequart |Co-founder Gymlib


Furthermore conferences organized about “working out in the company”, “the discovery of sophrology, to take care of yourself”, “plants, an ally in the office”, “efficient and honest communication at work”,…


Workshops of yoga, Pilates and breathing exercises were given to find your energy as well as cycling while making your own energetic smoothie!


Relaxation meetings and breaks: healthy and balanced breakfasts and luncheons full of vitamins.


With the collaboration of our partner My Mental Energy pro (Ed.: an application about well-being and the efficiency of the brain at work/Innovation award Preventica 2018 cat. QVT) we organized the conference about “How to optimize your mental resources during a day at work” in our Multiburo centers Lyon Part-Dieu, Paris Gare de Lyon and Geneva Confederation.

Well-being at work occurs by different actions during the day.

With the app My Mental Energy Pro, you gain in concentration and efficiency.

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