The 5 qualities of the Happiness Officers for the happiness of our coworkers

24 Apr 2019

It’s very recent, every Multiburo coworking Spot now has its or its Happiness Officer!


You will tell us: What’s that?! This new profession is originally dedicated to the happiness of employees in the company. Well, at Multiburo, we decided to transfer it to our coworkers to ensure their well-being, their comfort. Animation, events, networking, exchanges and sharing, these happy people are at the side of our spotters every day!


Discover the 5 essential qualities of the Happiness Officer at Multiburo!

  1. A facilitator of working life (the everyday superhero)
  2. An energy catalyst to boost coworking spaces
  3. An expert in well-being and good humour
  4. A connector between coworkers, resident customers and Multiburo team
  5. An organizer of federating activities



We speak about it …

Véronique Huchet, Happiness Officer at Multiburo Nantes Congrès, talks about her experience:

« Animating the Spot Multiburo on a daily basis is very enriching and allows me to maintain the link and communication between Spotters, office clients and the Multiburo team. It is an opportunity to share, exchange, create and federate while maintaining dynamic and professional working conditions. It creates a real emulation between customers and even reveals some  vocations! (laughs) Beautiful initiatives have been launched and some spotters are now hosting conferences in our coworking spaces and talking about their experience on social networks! »