Behind the scenes of the first flexible workspace in Paris Saint-Lazare Station.

22 Jan 2019

INTERVIEW NICOLAS FLORIN, manager from Multiburo Paris Saint-Lazare Station

A place that offers coworking and private offices in the heart of the Paris Saint-Lazare Station, it’s a first! Nicolas, can you tell us what makes it unique?

Its exceptional location for sure! Multiburo Saint-Lazare Station has more than 2200m² of workspaces and meeting rooms in one of the most main Parisian stations. As well as the possibility of working comfortable and calm, at walking distance from the French trains and the Norman lines, for a full day, a month or a year!


It’s also the diversity of the spaces that sets us apart: a big coworking space to work calmly in a collective emulation, meeting rooms for your professional appointments, your events and trainings, private office spaces to set up your new Parisian agency, your project or your evolving company.



You have focused all your attention on the comfort and conviviality. Can you tell us about a typical day at Multiburo Saint-Lazare Station?

A typical day in Saint-Lazare? Do you think that exists? Either way, it’s very intensive! (laughs) To be honest, not one day resembles another and that’s what makes it interesting. To make every day full of life and animate our spaces, to create a link between our customers and to listen to them, to improve our services, that’s a small part of my day. I’m a real jack-of-all-trades!


Every day begins early by a complete tour of the 2200m² before the opening of the center. I’ve become very athletic (laughs). It gives me the opportunity to verify if everything is functional and operational to welcome our clients: reception, services, maintenance and personalization of our spaces, logistic, lunch breaks, etc.


I also organize visits with potential clients that wish to discover and test our spaces. It’s practical because we are in the hyper center of Paris and in the immediate proximity of Ile de France and Normandie.


Your motive, your goals?

The comfort and well-being of our residents. I have the opportunity to work with a great team that adapts to the needs of flexibility of our clients. We are present each day in the center so we know our clients very well and answer to their expectations in a reactive and proactive way. And that’s where we make a real difference!




Realistically our strength is this trustful relationship and the proximity that we develop with each other. The clients are there to work in the best possible ways. We take care of all the rest.


We even have nominated a Happiness Officer for our clients in the coworking Spot. He takes care of the coworkers and is responsible to provide services and exclusive activities.


A shocking argument to convince us?

Try us, you’ll like us! (laughs) It’s with great pleasure that we welcome people who would like to test our spaces, whether it’s just for an hour between 2 trains or for a year!



A day with Multiburo Saint-Lazare Station, it’s convivial, serene and a human adventure in a magical place where we can work as we want, in all its simplicity.