The app CityLity for Multiburo clients

23 May 2018


The founder André May has developed a privileged version for our clients which will be ready in October. It met our expectations!


Why did you launch CityLity?

3 out of 4 people wish at all time to improve their environment that is nearby as well as everywhere. This is an important and global trend.

That’s why we have envisioned CityLity to create a community of each place: at work, at his building, in his city and all the public places. And also facilitating the communication, the distribution of information and a social link involving the members of the community including the manager of the specific place.

The vision of CityLity is to improve the daily life of the members of each community and to bring more efficiency to the manager. This approach is typical for the development of smart buildings and smart cities.



What will be the specific benefit by using CityLity for the clients of Multiburo?

It’s the ideal case. Each center of Multiburo becomes a community with its own members, connected to the management of the center and with all the other clients.

The numerous advantages:

  • To consult documents, news facts and informations published by Multiburo
  • To send a request for intervention in just 3 clicks
  • Access to several services: taxi reservation, courier service, contact to the reception, etc.
  • To profit from excellent addresses of each center starting from your arrival
  • To find and contact partners nearby the center
  • Exchange with the community to propose ideas or offers/requests of services: it’s being part of a community
  • And when you leave the center, CityLity will facilitate your city and home life

How do you perceive the partnership of Multiburo and CityLity ?

This partnership is a perfect opportunity to associate a major actor in the management of coworking spaces which are in a development. This represents a formidable aspect for our development, our credibility, to serve new users and to prove the usefulness and the benefits of our solutions in several places in France and abroad. And we show the strength of a community of which the members can change every week while keeping the force of the benefits of Multiburo.