Multiburo supports entrepreneurs: 60 000 rebonds

22 Feb 2018


Guillaume Mulliez

Président of 60 000 rebonds


Created in 2012, 60 000 rebonds is in the business of helping entrepreneurs who have experienced the liquidation of their business rebound professionally.

Whereas in the United States, failure is seen as a learning experience and training, in France, it’s viewed as a sign of incompetence. As a result, it often becomes a traumatic event for entrepreneurs: financially, professionally and personally, isolating them even further.

These entrepreneurs have a great deal of talent and expertise essential for French entrepreneurship and the vitality of our economy.



60 000 rebonds was created based on this observation and the personal experiences of its founder, Philippe Rambaud. It has been recognised as a public-interest non-profit since 2016.

60 000 rebonds is a completely volunteer “skill centre” which supports entrepreneurs after liquidation. It helps them rebound more quickly and better than if they had remained isolated. 60 000 rebonds is present in 20 cities and more than 500 entrepreneurs are assisted by its teams, organised under the guidance of its current president, Guillaume Mulliez.


60 000 rebonds has also positioned itself as a permanent, post-failure rebound laboratory.

It’s time to shake things up!


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