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+32 (0)10 68 63 11
Collines de Wavre - Avenue Pasteur 6/H
B1300 Wavre
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245 m²workspace

This centre offers

  • Coworking
  • Domiciliation
  • Private Office Space
  • Meeting room
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  • Equipped office

Small office units for rent in Wavre > 99m²

Technical features of the office rental building in Wavre.

Collines de Wavre | Zoning Nord | Batiment H Avenue Pasteur 6 | 1300 Wavre

Tel +32(0)10 68 63 11 | Fax +32(0)10 68 63 63

The Wavre office solution is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of a modern building that is part of a set of top-quality, hi-tech offices established in vast 10-hectare grounds (Wavre Nord zone). There is a restaurant and a cafeteria here. It is possible to practice numerous sports in the grounds (golf, tennis, riding, etc.). Our Wavre flexible office solution is close to the E411 motorway (Brussels – Luxembourg), and barely 20 km from the centre of Brussels. The town of Wavre is five minutes away and has numerous shops, restaurants and hotels.





More flexible rental terms than a 3/6/9 year contractual lease    

Contract terms from 12, 24, 36 months

You do not commit your company long-term and you reduce financial risk in the event of economic downturn.

Fewer m² to rent

Our m² are more efficient thanks to mutual space such as: meeting rooms for 2 to 60 people, secured technical area, reception, cafeteria, etc…     

Up to 25% saving on space and the same amount off fixed costs.

Control over all ordinary and running costs

We can work out your exact expense account on signing the contract including items such as office cleaning, electricity, air-conditioning, security, maintenance, various other work, syndicate fees, etc.

You can budget for all your costs connected to the building. There is only one provider to deal with and only one monthly bill for your premises.

Immediate availability

Our offices are cabled, air-conditioned and even furnished. Our IT department is there to help you set up.

No productivity loss from your teams, no large cash outflow to finance.

Potential permanent development of your space

Because there is a business centre in each of our buildings, you can increase your office space, even just on a temporary basis.   

Large savings on your fixed costs. You only pay for the m2 that you use and when you really need it. No need to oversize your lease space from the 1st year.

 “Tailor-made” property services  

 Examples of services provided with your office space: Handling of mail, Courrier Express, filing, reception, trilingual secretarial telephone service, furniture, IT assistance...     Save on m² and personnel costs.

 For a team of 20 people, we estimate your personnel and m² savings to be over 50, 000€/per year.

 Personalised space  

 At your disposal are units of private office space with the possibility of fitting out your offices according to your specifications.   

 You are independent from the other clients in the building and control your company’s corporate image

Collines de Wavre - Avenue Pasteur 6/H
B1300 Wavre
Fax: +32(0)10 68 63 63
Offices to let from 99m² in Wavre | Brabant Wallon
Collines de Wavre - Avenue Pasteur 6/H
B1300 Wavre
+32 (0)10 68 63 11
+32(0)10 68 63 63
Line E from Brussels
Rapido bus 22 (from Ottignies)
Train Station
Train Station
Wavre station at 10 minutes by car
Brussels Airport at 20 minutes by car
Private parkings outside of the building
  • Local secured Internet Network
  • Fibre optic
  • Visitor reception
  • Secretariat
My label
  • Air conditioning
  • Disabled facilities
  • 1 main supplier
  • Easy accessible
  • Services
  • Unlimited opening hours
  • Fast installation process
  • Customized layout
  • Office extension
  • Meeting rooms
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